Let’s see how this goes!  I’d like to begin with a few comments, though.

One of the pages is a table of contents, which lays out the basic structure.  I’ve split things into nine books of general groups, further subdivided into various topics, which may change around or grow in number.  I’ll try to stick to nine books, though, for aesthetic reasons.

Furthermore, I’m also tracking the origins of the anecdotes.  The two main divisions will be Ancestral Nations and External Nations, in keeping with Valerius Maximus splitting his own anecdotes into Roman examples and others.  The Ancestral Nations are those to which America can claim as direct ancestors: Classical Greece and Rome, England before colonization, and America afterwards.  I’ll also include The West, in general, for things that apply not only to the ancestral nations, but others as well.  All other nations are considered external.

I hope people find this useful.

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