Isaac Newton’s Eye

Isaac Newton seemed utterly unconcerned for any negative effects of any experiments he might try.  He once stared directly at the sun for as long as he could stand it, just to see what would happen.  He had to spend some days in darkened rooms afterwards in order to recover.  Another time, he inserted a long knitting needle between his eyeball and the bone, and, using it, pressed down upon his eyeball, distorting its shape, in order to see what the effect upon his vision would be.  Shockingly, he escaped permanent damage both times.

One thought on “Isaac Newton’s Eye

  1. It amazes me that Isaac Newton wasn’t left permanently blind by staring at the sun for so long. I cannot believe that anyone completely in his right mind would stick a knitting needle in his eye socket; the pain must have been unreal. Newton was a brilliant theologian and mathematician, but even the best and brightest can occasionally do some strange things….

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