Sex Lives of Eunuchs

Eunuchs in former times used to be well-desired lovers.  So long as only the testicles are removed, and the penis is left intact, they make efficient lovers.  It is well-known that after orgasm, the vast majority of men have a refractory period, during which it is impossible or difficult for them to achieve erection.  However, this is caused by the ejaculation, not the orgasm.  Since eunuchs lack their testicles, they lack the ability to ejaculate, and do not have these refractory periods.  Instead, they can have multiple orgasms in rapid succession.  So long as the testicles have been removed after puberty, the male will still have a normal sex drive and his genitals will be properly developed.

7 thoughts on “Sex Lives of Eunuchs

    • Erections are completely separate from the testicles. Even before they’re functioning, even male fetuses can get hard. Having them removed before puberty will have an effect on sex drive and everything, but afterwards, their influence is a lot less. It’s interesting the way human beings work… But yeah, even without testicles, guys can still get erections, with the added benefit of being unable to get anyone pregnant. No wonder eunuchs were prized…

    • I wonder whether it’s due to our capacity for orgasm? It might remove the biological imperative, but multiple orgasms are probably always a good deal, whatever chemicals are going through you.

      • Oh, they’re good all right. 🙂
        I’ve known a few guys who can have them, but not closer together than five minutes. However, not every guy I’ve met loses his erection (or maybe that’s just my effect on them!) – and that can be a bonus. So I can see why the eunuchs were valued.

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