Milo’s Death

Milo was an ancient Greek Olympian.  He was perhaps most well known for, at the beginning of each Olympiad, training by running with a newborn calf upon his shoulders.  As time passed, he used the same calf until, by the end of the Olympiad, he bore a four year old cow while running.  He died in the following manner.  He came across a tree that some lumberjacks had begun to cut down, but not yet finished, leaving behind a wedge in the gap to keep the tree propped up until they could return.  Milo, unable to resist such a test of his strength, placed his hands into the gap and lifted in an attempt to knock over the tree himself.  He lifted up the tree enough for the wedge to fall out, and then when his strength failed him, the tree rested upon his hands, trapping him.  He was left there, trapped, until wolves found him and devoured him alive.

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