Scipio’s Rendering of Accounts

Scipio Africanus, together with his brother, Lucius Cornelius Scipio, were sent by Rome against King Antiochus, and defeated him at the Battle of Magnesia.  Upon his return, he was called upon by tribunes to render an account of the booty taken in the war.

He reached into his toga and pulled out his account book.  “Here is the account of all the money and booty taken.  I have brought it to be publicly read and deposited in the treasury, but, senators, I will now not do this nor thusly degrade myself.  I will not render an account of four million sesterces to a treasury which I have personally enriched by two hundred million sesterces.  When I returned from Africa, I brought back nothing but my cognomen.  I was not made greedy by Punic wealth nor by brother by Asian, but each of us has more begrudgers than money.”


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