The End of the Greenland Norse

The Norse colonized Greenland under Eric the Red a little before 1000 CE.  They did well at first, but a cooling planet, and an inability to adapt to new situations eventually doomed the colony.  The last time any Norse survivors were seen was in 1540, when an Icelander, known to history as John Greenlander, was blown off course on his way from Germany to Iceland.  He passed by the Eastern Settlement, and went ashore with his men.  There, they found empty houses and farms, completely abandoned.  The only human they saw was a corpse.  He lay face-down, wearing wool and sealskin.  Near him was an ancient, thin, blunt iron knife.  John took the knife and left.  Over 40 years later, John David, and Englishman, sailed around the southern tip of Greenland and so no human life at all.


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