The Fall of Dionysius II

Dionysius II was tyrant of Syracuse, after inheriting the rule from his father, Dionysius I.  For years, he ruled absolutely, and no less than Plato himself attempted to educate the young tyrant as to how to be a proper philsopher-king.  However, Dion, his uncle, tried to seize power for himself, and the chaos became so great that Syracuse sent to its mother city, Corinth, for a savior.

Timoleon was sent, and he rapidly took command of the situation.  Dionysius II, who had been besieged in his citadel by Dion, surrendered to Timoleon, knowing that Dion would kill him, but Timoleon and Corinth might be lenient.  Timoleon sent Dionysius II the Corinth to live out the remainder of his days peacefully.

While at Corinth, he became an object of ridicule and pity, which he bore admirably.  One person asked him what use the teachings of Plato had been to him.  Dionysius II replied that, had it not been for such an education, how could he have born such a great change in his circumstances as to go from tyrant to beggar?  He died in Corinth, never again seeking power after his surrender to Timoleon.

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