Roman Charity

During the Roman Republic, a woman was once imprisoned for a crime, but not immediately strangled.  Out of pity, the warden refused to murder her himself, but instead decided to allow her to starve to death.  Her daughter was allowed to visit her, after being searched in order to make sure that she was not bringing food to the mother.

Weeks passed, and yet the mother lived.  Wondering how this could be so, the warden spied upon the daughter’s next visit.  As he watched, the daughter took out her own breasts and nourished her mother with her milk.  The warden was so impressed by such filial piety that he reported it to the authorities, who, too, were so impressed that they remitted the mother’s sentence and allowed her her freedom once again, in honor of her daughter’s devotion.

A similar event happened between Pero and her father Myco, who was also imprisoned, and only sustained by the milk of his daughter’s breast.


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