The Death of Guerrero

In 1911, Cuyamel Fruit Company planned a coup against the Honduran government.  They intended to use Manuel Bonilla to lead a small force posing as a popular rebellion against the current president in order to force a regime change, in order that they might obtain more beneficial conditions in the country, in which they owned most of their land and from which they received most of their bananas.

During the battle for La Ceiba, a strongly-defended city which housed the nation’s treasury reserves, General Francisco “Chico” Guerrero was in charge of the city’s defense.  During a skirmish in the main square, the general, attempting to prevent a rout and keep his men fighting, turned to the enemy and yelled, “I will show you bastards how a man fights!”  He whipped his white mule into a dash, and was promptly shot a dozen times before he had made it ten yards.

By sundown, the city and silver belonged to the rebels.

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