Helen of Rhodes

On his return from Troy with the recaptured Helen, Menelaus, due to a storm, was required to dock at the Isle of Rhodes.  However, this island’s queen, Philixo, had lost a husband at Troy, and desired to take her revenge upon Helen, the cause of the war.  She took as many Rhodian soldiers as she could gather and marched to the ships, which were stuck due to unfavorable winds.  Menelaus, to protect himself and Helen from danger, dressed up a woman as Helen to act as a fiday, a body double intended to draw fire.  The Rhodians slew the fake, and, the queen satisfied, withdrew.  When the winds returned, Menelaus returned home with Helen, where they lived miserably together, Menelaus constantly haunted by the human cost of the war, and unable to sire an heir with Helen.


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