About this project…

An Ancient Roman author by the name of Valerius Maximus once wrote a collection of anecdotes, back in the days of the early empire.  He collected examples that writers and speakers could make use of, as well as stories that could instruct anyone in proper conduct and behavior.  It’s been nearly two millenia since then, so I figure we’re due for a new attempt.

I’ll be posting anecdotes that illustrate various properties, from religious tolerance to karmic deaths.  Come for entertainment, come for instruction, come for examples that you can use in your own works.  I hope to create an anecdotary here that anyone can use when they need an historical illustration to support a point.

If you have your own examples, please send them to me at ValeriusMinimus@gmail.com, and if you can, include a source.  If I find it interesting, I’ll add it.


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