Bernard Natan

Bernard Natan was one of France’s first well-known pornographic directors.  Perhaps taking slight advantage of his role, he often cast himself in his own pornographic films in homosexual scenes.  Apparently, his favorite roles were as the giver of oral sex and the recipient of anal sex.


The Missionary Position

The “missionary position” is axiomatically considered to be the most boring of all sexual positions, in which the man is on top of the woman and both are lying down.  The name of it comes from the Trobriand Islanders.  When Christian missionaries reached the islands, they preached that only this position was acceptable, a fact that was much to the islanders’ distaste, for they considered it impractical and improper.  They even performed caricatures of the position around the communal campfire for entertainment, so strange did they find the idea.  It is from them, via Bronislaw Malinowski, the famous anthropologist who studied them, that this term entered the English lexicon.

Phryne at the Areopagus

Phryne was a famous courtesan in Athens.  She was so beautiful and so wealthy, that she was able to offer to rebuild the city walls of Thebes, which had been destroyed by Alexander the Great, at her own expense, but her offer was rebuffed.

She was once placed on trial for profaning the Eleusinian Mysteries, a capital charge.  Hypereides, her lawyer, sensing that they were losing the case, removed her robe, baring her breasts before the judges.  They acquitted her, but the reason given varies.  Some say it was out of pity,  Others say it was out of lust.  And yet others say that it was done out of piety, for the judges felt that such beauty could only be borne by one favored by Aphrodite herself, and so acquitted her in order to avoid doing offense to the goddess.

If only the practice had never gone out of style…

Tiberius and the Invention of Sexual Positions

It is rare that, in human history, a specific sexual position is given any sort of inventor.  Most of them probably predate humanity as we think of it.  The majority of the rest are simple enough that cultures independently invent them before they meet each other.  There are stories of cultures transmitting certain ideas.  For instance, it was said that the Greeks had taught the Persians about the possibility of anal sex, but even then, there is no original Greek inventor of the concept.

The single exception of which I know is the “daisy chain.”  This term has several variations, all of which involve a circle of people performing the same action on the next person that is being performed on them by the previous person in the circle.  However, the specific variation to which I refer is that in which a circle of men each anally penetrate the man in front of them.

According to history, the daisy chain was invented by the Roman emperor Tiberius, during his long retreat on the island of Capri.  A great deal of sexual improprieties were attributed to him, though, so perhaps this should be taken with a grain of salt.  Nevertheless, it makes the position unique in the annals of history to the best of my knowledge.

Strangers in the Dark

In 1973, an experiment was performed by Kenneth Gergen.  He put students who had never met before into a pitch-dark room, and observed their actions via infrared cameras.  90% touched a stranger, 50% hugged a stranger, and a third kissed.  Nearly 80% reported feeling sexual excitement.

When the experiment was repeated in a lit room, no one touched a stranger.

The First Meeting and Marriage Between a Daughter of Japan and a Son of the West

The first time Westerners reached Japan was in 1543, when two Portuguese men were blown off course near China and landed on Tanegashima, a small island off the southern coast of Kyushu.  The lord of the island, Tanegashima Tokitata, was impressed by the Portuguese harquebuses, primitive guns.  He ordered his chief sword smith to copy them, but he was unable.   The man, Kiyosada, offered his daughter in exchange for technical assistance.  He had supposed the liaison would be temporary, but the two fell in love and married.  The daughter left with the men, but they later returned to the island, bringing a Portuguese gunsmith, finishing the initial bargain.  And so from the very first time Westerners met the people of Japan, there has existed love between us.

Sex Lives of Eunuchs

Eunuchs in former times used to be well-desired lovers.  So long as only the testicles are removed, and the penis is left intact, they make efficient lovers.  It is well-known that after orgasm, the vast majority of men have a refractory period, during which it is impossible or difficult for them to achieve erection.  However, this is caused by the ejaculation, not the orgasm.  Since eunuchs lack their testicles, they lack the ability to ejaculate, and do not have these refractory periods.  Instead, they can have multiple orgasms in rapid succession.  So long as the testicles have been removed after puberty, the male will still have a normal sex drive and his genitals will be properly developed.