A Trial of Friendship

Alcibiades, the nephew of Pericles and student of Socrates, once decided to test his friends, in order to discover which were true.  To accomplish this, he had a mannequin constructed, which he then hid in his basement.  One by one, he led his friends to the basement and showed them this mannequin, pretending it to be the corpse of someone whom he had slain, and asked them to help him hide the fact.  Each of them refused, except Callias, who offered to take and hide the body.  After this, Callias became and remained his most trusted and faithful friend.


The True Test of Friendship

Namertes the Spartan was sent as an ambassador to another nation, and when one of the people of that country congratulated him for having so many friends, he asked him whether he had any sure means of testing the strength of his friendships.  Namertes replied, “Through misfortune.”